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Welcome to the SayIt movement. We are a community of citizens determined to speak our hearts and minds while we still can. Together, we are committed to save our children, serve our country, protect our families, and honor our God.

To JOIN: click on "MEMBERS" tab in the upper menu bar. This will prompt you to either SIGN UP as a NEW member or LOGIN as an existing member.

This is NOT intended to be a social media platform. It is a FAITH ACTION platform. We knew that it was important to get organization and future planning started asap. We knew that we needed to get out of stuck-mode and busy .. prayerfully, a custom site is in our near future.


Collective Voice
of Faith Action

  • moving from stuck, concerned, and censored to empowered and a force of SayIt

  • bringing a collective demonstration of old school oh-yes-we-will to a world that no longer has hope

  • role modeling how to stay connected, fellowship, support, and live our calling from God

  • faith action: we are not all talk; rather we SayIt and we DoIt

  • proving we are a chosen generation for this time . . together we stand on this hill

  • eyes locked on Him, we do not bury our heads in the sand. nope, we are living proof of revival

Peaceful Patriots

Faith action for:

  • Restoring America

  • Resources for hard times 

  • Recovery from the world

  • Revival Revival Revival

Endorsing Candidates

Won't it be something when SayIt Endorsed Candidates become a ‘thing’ globally. 

Where We Spend Our Money

How about the day when SayIt Boycotted Companies-Products are forced to change?
And patriotic businesses are successfully supported by this community?

Think Bigly

Pony Express 'Underground' Network to distribute pamphlets and leaflets. Good old fashioned scripture and sermon materials. Resource guides for tough times.
Imagine the SayIt Community with an annual revival location to fellowship AND where we build a transition house for rescued trafficked women. A home where we provide others the opportunity to SayIt via our own broadcast studio.

Authentic Faithwalk

God can and will do mighty things through a small group of faithful men and women. God does bigly and we believe in Him. After all, there were just eleven in the Upper Room.

For those wishing to donate by check: SayIt EllieB LLC
PO Box 3206
Edmonds WA 98020



About #SayIt

The Story of SayIt

It all began with a feisty suburban grandma who refused to be silent when cancel culture told her to stop speaking truth. Her ability and willingness to 'SayIt' brought together a group of like-minded individuals. This group believes in the principles and truths set forth by their Creator God.

This determined group evolved during the past few years of big tech censorship. No matter what platform has attempted to divide and conquer them, they find each other.

Individually, these good citizens - now considered rabble rousers - come from every ethnicity, location, and cultural background. Together, they fellowship in faith, discuss culture and politics, and stand firm in their ideology. These patriots fervently pray for their nation, families, and each other. The SayIt community is especially determined to save our children from harm.

Join us as we fellowship and encourage one another. 

Support us by purchasing #SayIt - #PrayIt - #MaskSnap products. Our long-term goal includes organizing for future challenging times. Other goals: purchase land for annual revival gathering, build a transition house for rescued trafficked women, and create a broadcast studio.

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